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SOE Kingdom is run by Founder and CEO, Chevist “Didymus” Johnson and President, Samone “Author S.D.” Johnson. SOE Kingdom’s current services consists of music, books, mentoring, speaking engagements, and in the near future plays and skits, as well as a host of other endeavors.

Mission: To endue with power and authority a generation that never knew they had the opportunity to possess it!

Vision: To create an atmosphere of heaven on earth through developing Kingdom mindsets in every arena of life.

Values: Faith, Family, & Freedom

Didymus Bio:

Chevist “Didymus” Johnson is a husband, father, minister, mentor, life coach and musician. Leaving a childhood and family environment plagued with gangs, drugs, prostitution, and incarceration; his mission is to provide a sense of purpose and hope to everyone he engages. Didymus has travelled the country since 2002 doing prevention and intervention work in neighborhoods, prisons, schools, and churches. After years of community involvement and working with kids at Boys Town, Alternative Schools, and through the Urban League of Nebraska, the City of Omaha hired him as their Gang Specialist in 2010. Since then, he has been honored numerous times locally for his efforts both in the community as well as behind bars. In 2014 Didymus and his family relocated to Sacramento, CA looking to continue the work he has been destined to do. Didymus works with both groups and individuals in hopes of seeing a change in lifestyle and mindset, ultimately allowing individuals to walk out their purpose to its fullest potential as intended by their Creator.

Author S.D. Johnson Bio:

Author S.D. Johnson, also known as, Samone Danette Johnson to her family and friends. She is an author, mentor, ordained minister, blogger, and motivational speaker from Sacramento, California. She is also a loving wife and mother of three beautiful children. Many of her inspiring writing projects have come from her life experiences as well as her strong faith in the Lord. As a mentor; Author S.D. Johnson has shared her heart by assisting in developing young people; by helping them find and pursue their God-given purposes in life. She has self-published a mentoring curriculum that has been utilized with young and mature women. Many speaking opportunities were presented to her; where she has shared her testimony and poured into people, in hopes to encourage them with the journey God has given her. Author S.D. Johnson currently has two self published books, and one mentoring curriculum available and many more in the works!

The Story of Uriyah

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