Author Spotlight Interview: Carey Anderson

S.O.E. Kingdom is so proud to announce our FIRST Author Spotlight Interview Featuring Author Carey Anderson.

Carey Anderson is a native of the San Francisco East Bay Area, in California. She comes from a rather large family full of creative and inventive people, hence all of her characters. Carey loves to entertain people with her imagination.

“If I can make you smile, or make you nod your head in agreement. Then I have succeeded in what I’m trying to do, be relatable and realistic.” – Carey Anderson

Check out the interview below and get connected to her today!

SOE Kingdom: How long have you been writing and what first inspired your passion?

Author Carey Anderson: I started writing when I was young. I always kept a diary or a journal since I was little. Leaving me with a writing device and paper can and will result in doodles of some sort.
My elementary school teacher inspired me to write. She was a creative soul and she tried to unlock artistry in her students. She taught our class the basics to draw. Although I didn’t quite get the hang of drawing, her words always ring true for me. She said, “in art you don’t make mistakes. You simply make changes.” One homework assignment changed my life. We had to write a story about where butterflies got their colors. I created a story about Martin Luther Butterfly, that she read to my class anonymously. Seeing my classmates thoroughly entertained by my silly story changed everything for me.

SOE Kingdom: What is your genre or style of writing that you most identify with and why?

Author Carey Anderson: I believe my genre is Urban Romantic Fiction. That may change if I find something in the future that feels more like home.
I feel my stories are Urban because they’re always set in Urban settings. So far they all take place in or refer back to the San Francisco Bay Area where I’ve grown up and lived my entire life. My stories tend to have a romantic over tone. Finally my stories are always works of fiction.

SOE Kingdom: What’s your favorite work of art that you have created thus far?

Author Carey Anderson: Tough question. I’m going to cheat and say that The Wallace Family Affairs saga is my greatest accomplishment thus far. However, if I had to pick just one it would be “At Last”. That was the easiest story to write. The love Annette and Tim had for each other has been the deepest connection outside of Amber and Malcolm or Ethan and Jenise. Chantel and Derrick’s connection holds your attention from beginning to end as both of them grow. Annette and Tim come from that old school love where you let a man be a man and you shower your Queen with all of your love no matter how difficult things get. Tim could’ve taken the lazy road and went with a woman who came without the baggage that Annette came with. From the moment he laid eyes on her he recognized her value and he had to do a lot of growing up to be the man she needed him to be. For Annette she had to let go of the HATE her mother tried to force on her to be free to love the man who truly loved her. I just love how they both had to grow up and how possessive they both were over the love they shared. Also, that neither one of them were too proud to ask for outside help as they grew up. Their bonds with their family the good ones and the bad ones made their love richer and deeper.
Right behind At Last would be Sometimes Love Isn’t Enough (Volume II). That’s the story of Amber and Malcolm. In Tracy’s Complications (Volume I) Andrew kept telling Tracy he grew up differently than she did. She came from a religious two parent family, where Andrew’s life was different. In Sometimes Love Isn’t Enough, you find out exactly what he meant. By the end of that book you’re shaking your head in agreement that sometimes love isn’t enough to make a relationship work.
Then there’s Just A Friend (Volume VIII) Ethan and Jenise… when you see the love of your life with your heart nothing else matters.
Finally in No Regrets (Volume V) we have Derrick and Chantel. Both of them have to learn to deal with the reality of who their parents are and decide who they’re going to be. I love all of my books, but those stories are my top four.

Here’s the book order not necessarily the publishing order:
Tracy’s Complications (Volume I) Tracy and Andrew have to let go of their insecurities and their past to allow love in today.
Distorted Mirrors (Beyond The Wallace’s) Tracy and Steve, the beginning of dysfunction.
Sometimes Love Isn’t Enough (Volume II Part 1) Amber and Malcolm’s ideas of love aren’t realities.
Love Is Just Enough (Volume II Part 2) Amber and Malcolm, stand your ground and fight.
Invisible (Volume III) Yussef, hiding never does anyone any good.
Look Beyond Your Eyes (Volume IV) Sasha, pretty is not a guarantee for happiness, search your soul and be true to who you are no matter what type of box other people try to put you in.
No Regrets (Volume V) Chantel and Derrick, when you make choices for your life make sure your choice doesn’t leave you with regrets.
First You Laugh, Then You Cry (Volume VI) Kendra and Darryl, when you assume that someone will hurt you, chances are they will.
A Heart That’s Taken (Beyond The Wallace’s) Olivia and Ahjani, you have to close the door to your old relationship before starting a new one.
At Last (Volume VII) Annette and Tim, never get so caught up in your own pain that you fail to see how you destroy others.
Just A Friend (VIII) Jenise and Ethan, the choices you make in your youth stay with you in your adulthood.
Abandoned (Beyond The Wallace’s) Victor and Dalenna, when the feelings of abandonment guide everything that you do, you’re asking for trouble.
Last Words (Beyond The Wallace’s) Pamela Latour, the truth shall set you free.

SOE Kingdom: What character do you most identify with and why?

Author Carey Anderson: Another tough one! I don’t know. Most of my characters carry parts of me within them. (Taps fingers to think) Tracy Thomas – Wallace is my dramatic twin. All of her insecurities and her run first think later personality is all me.

SOE Kingdom: Are there any other people or things that inspire you to write?

Author Carey Anderson: Yes, everyone and everything, very general I know. My teenager is a huge inspiration. My huge family of creative and dramatic people. The warrior spirit that exist in most of my family members sets my creative juices on fire. To quote one of my cousins, “when you come from a performing family” you find inspiration in the oddest places. Whether its a melody, a sunset, a tree, a motorcyclist passing you by on the freeway. The oddest things seem to capture my attention and then I need to write about it.
My Rough Riders (my book club and dearest friends) seem to understand this about me and they feed me with inspiration all of the time. Whether it’s feedback on my latest chapter that I’ve sent them or going over the timeline that has to always be accurate. They inspire me to say that just maybe I can do this.

SOE Kingdom: What do you want your audience to know about you as an author?

Author Carey Anderson: That I’m a work in progress and I thoroughly enjoy reading all reviews and ratings. I tend to stalk Amazon and GoodReads looking for signs of life and encouragement to keep going. I love hearing from my readers. Some even message me during or as soon as they finish reading my books. Who doesn’t like positive feedback?

SOE Kingdom: Share one hidden talent that not many people know about?

Author Carey Anderson: Writing is actually my hidden talent. Since I write under a pen name only a select few know about my work personally.

SOE Kingdom: How can people contact you and get a hold of your books?

Author Carey Anderson:

I’m on Facebook:

I have a website:

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My books are available in electronic and paperback format on and in electronic format only on


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