He Still Loves Me

This blog is more of a thanksgiving to Yahweh and a dedication to whom He has given me. I get emotional as I sit here reflecting on my blessings. I have been given an amazing husband, best friend, ministry/business partner, lover, parent-partner, and encourager. My husband knows me well and tries daily to learn how to keep me happy and emotionally stable. He has taken on a lot through our journey of marriage and we have been hit hard individually and collectively. All the while his love as never stuttered.
My love accepts and caters to my oldest daughter from a previous marriage. You can’t tell him that she is not his own. Through God’s word he gives her counsel and love. He teaches her daily to respect herself. Through his love for me, he teaches her how a man should treat and love a woman. Together we lost a child in a miscarriage and the hit devastated us and I was left inconsolable. He sat up long nights attending to my broken heart and gave me his heart to care for in return. He doesn’t show much emotion but with me he does, and in that moment he allowed me to take care of his raw emotions of loss.
My One & Only, took care of me in my season of sickness. Blessed now with twins after that terrible blow to our family unit, I get to see the joy in his eyes as he looks at our little daughter and son. For three years I struggled with not being able to give him the child he wanted and he dealt with me so gently. Everyday after long hours of work he would remind me of his love for me, and ensured that it would never fade. Like a true knight in shining armor, he caught me every time I fell into doubt and worry. He would say to me, “Babe! Just as God remembered Hannah, so shall he remember you.” He would push my faith to rest in God’s hands. In return we reaped a major blessing, from years of praying diligently. We received a double portion of Yahweh’s love right from this womb the doctors deemed as barren.
As we begin our sixth year of covenant in marriage and I couldn’t ask for more. When nay-sayers knock my dreams, he stands firm in reminding me of my purpose. He protects my heart from the outside world, and pushes me to work a little harder when I want to give up and walk away. Reminds of my beauty when I can’t see it within myself, and he never tries to change me. He accepts me as I am fully. My husband puts no one but God ahead of me. He could only love me the way he does, because of his love for God. It doesn’t get much better than this! I have never experienced a love like this outside of the love of God.
My heart and spirit are challenged to love him better. I need to show him more and more what he means to me. I need to overload his being with the admiration and appreciation that I feel every day. I want him to know that I miss him when we are apart and that I still swoon when he smiles. I need to let him know that I still get chills when he kisses me. I am in love…
I thank God for giving me my biggest supporter here on earth, and the biggest advocate for my cause. We are both works in progress, but we choose to work together. That’s what matters the most. No one, and mean no one; could take his place and purpose in my life. “Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth — For your[b] love is better than wine.” – Song of Solomon 1:2. That’s just how I feel about him.

Author S.D. Johnson

Didymus Going Unleashed!

The S.O.E. Kingdom family is very pleased to announce that our very own Didymus will be ministering alongside some phenomenal men and women, at the Unleashed Conference 2015. For those of you in the Sacramento, CA area; join us for an amazing kingdom experience. Get ready for speaking, workshops, concerts, and so much more on Aug. 21st & Aug. 22nd!!! We’ll see you there… “It’s not just music, it’s more than a movement, and it’s all Kingdom!” – Didymus

My Hiatus… Is Over!!!

I wanted to give you all an update on my situation from; where I have been, where I am at, and where I am going. Things have been nuts for months now and the skies are finally looking as blue as they use to in the past. For those of you that know, I have struggled for years now with endometriosis, fibroid adhesions, and a plethora of other medical issues. These things have cost my husband and I some issues with infertility, but by the grace of God, we were able to conceive twins without any fertility treatments. After having them I began to get sicker than ever from all the previous ailments listed. I would be sick for at least two weeks out of one month, and that meant that I couldn’t live a life of fullness and purpose. I was at the mercy of emergency room visits and medications that were doing more harm than good. I couldn’t keep any commitments with work or ministry. I basically became a recluse.
Then in the midst of the physical agony that I lived with on a daily basis, I lost someone very close to me. I had been in many positions and training to deal with the bereaved but when its your family, and your heart that is dealing with it, all training and kind words to the mourning go out of the window. It would hit me emotionally off and on, and finally the feelings of loss within my heart are beginning to feel less like a punch in the gut.
Right after that moment, another situation pushed its way to the forefront. I had to make a big decision over my life and my husband and I had to pray over everything that was laid before us. To make this amazingly long story short, I ended up having a full hysterectomy to alleviate my medical issues. Only to understand that there are still somethings that I will always have to deal with because of the internal damage that has been done. Yet, in spite of what the doctors have said, I have been feeling great since my surgery at the beginning of May of this year. I have turned over a new leaf in life and it feels awesome, to not be in constant pain. I can finally take full care of my family, instead of them taking care of me. I can finally engage in the land of the living again and connect with people and keep my commitments to network and build. I can concentrate on my writing and finally finish the projects that the Lord has laid within my heart. It’s exciting to see so much more than the gloom of a four cornered bedroom that you lay sick in everyday.
God has set everything in order and has brought me through to such a time as this, to share and encourage on a level that I have never felt before. No more hindrances of self, and just a season of reigniting my passion to serve Christ without physical hiccups; and I can immerse myself in the things that He has called me to do. He told me and all of us for that matter, that if we just trust Him, if we just love Him, obey, and follow Him; that He would do the rest and meet every one of our needs. Things may not happen when we desire them to, but if we can keep the faith, and pass the tests that are set before us, He will get the glory. Every one of our needs will be met, with nothing lacking or broken.
This is my season, this is our season; to trust more and love more. I’m walking in something so exciting, because its nothing that I have done but, everything that God has done in my life. I’m ready to step back into mentoring, speaking, serving, and walking fully in every area of my life that I couldn’t while being sick. So I ask you now, where are those people that are about connecting and moving together as the Body? My hiatus is over and I am ready to move in excellence with some real Kingdom go getters, I’m so serious. We see this world is dying fast before our eyes, and though the prophets spoke of these days, we can still make an impact. If we can just move from our dead seasons and choose to live again, we can take these last days by force, the way the world has been trying to stifle the Kingdom of Heaven by force. We can move strategically as a unit. You can go so far alone and as a strong unit you can reach the masses. I’ll say it again… My hiatus is over, who’s going to move with us?

Lamentations 3:22-24 It is of the Lord’s mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not. They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness. The Lord is my portion, saith my soul; therefore will I hope in him.

Author S.D. Johnson

Happy Anniversary To Us!!!

Hey all! We have taken some time away to refocus SOE and also celebrate our covenant and family!!! We have been blessed to celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary and we wanted to share some of this special trip with you. We went to South Lake Tahoe, CA and had a great opportunity to do some ropes courses at Boulder Cove, Parasailing, horseback riding and so much more. Check out some of our pics and stay tuned for more updates and post from the SOE Kingdom family.

At the observatory at Heavenly Lake Tahoe

Love on the ropes course, Boulder Cove

Didymus taking over the course...

Didymus getting ready to parasail over Lake Tahoe

Didymus 1000ft up conversing with Yahweh

Top of the mountain!

Killing the crab legs at the buffet!!!

Author S.D. Johnson is A Woman in Purpose

Check out this great interview that was done for Author S.D. Johnson by the Women In Purpose Campaign. Take a look into her personal life, passions, and purpose. Then take the opportunity to get connected for yourself.

Ball Hog Soundtrack EP Now Available

You can now purchase your copy of the Ball Hog Soundtrack EP with additional options available!!!!!!

Purchasing Options

Ball Hog Soundtrack Release Date

Here it is, just like we stated… The big announcement for Midnight is that… Didymus has just finished a soundtrack to the book by Author S.D. Johnson, Ball Hog. He recorded some songs that bring out the true essence of the book and help share the heart and message. Due out for release on October 13th, 2014.

So if you’re reading this right now, you have an opportunity to take part in this special offer. From now until October 12th, if you purchase a copy of the book Ball Hog by Author S.D. Johnson, you can get a copy of the soundtrack by Didymus for FREE… You can purchase physical copies by clicking the photo below and your copy of the soundtrack will be shipped out on October 13th…

How awesome is that???? Be the first to take part.

New SOE Business Cards

Check out the new design we went with for our updated business cards. Let us know what you think!

New Souled Out Music Store

CD Baby has upgraded the music player and store for all of it’s releases. Didymus’ 2006 Souled Out release is available for purchase through the new store below. Check it out, make a purchase, and share with your friends! Thanks in advance for your support!

Road Trip!!!!!

Our family recently took a mini vacation to Santa Cruz and San Francisco for a few days. We had a blast and took a ton of pictures. We decided to post a few to share with the world via social media as well as here for our dedicated supporters! Check out some of the fun and activities we enjoyed. Love and blessings!!!