As you know, I (Didymus) have been knee deep in Gang Prevention/Intervention and Prison Re-Entry since 2001, after leaving the street life behind myself. Since then, it’s been a battle to really get things moving with as much momentum as I’d like, especially after moving half way across the country. Even with all my experience, sometimes a little piece of paper is still needed to “magically” open a few doors. With that being said, I recently took a trip to Chicago (home of the Bulls, the Bears and Lou Malnati’s lol) to earn my certification. In fact, I earned three in total which are pictured above. Now, I am officially certified through the National Gang Crime Research Center for Basic Gang Prevention, Faith Based Programs for Gang Intervention and Gang Counseling Skills. I am looking forward to building programs, doing speaking engagements, and most importantly, helping rebuild communities one person at a time. This will also open doors for other programming to help young ladies involved in CSEC, Gangs, and other risky behaviors through the Hadassah 4:14 program, run by my wife Samone. The task ahead bares a heavy load and seemingly impossible tasks, but with Christ all things are possible! Please keep us at SOE in prayer as we partake in this next season of ministry and purpose. If you know anyone who is interested in any of our services, please have them contact us at info@soekingdom.com and we will see what assistance we can provide. We appreciate the love and support and look forward to serving the Kingdom in excellence!!

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