He Still Loves Me

This blog is more of a thanksgiving to Yahweh and a dedication to whom He has given me. I get emotional as I sit here reflecting on my blessings. I have been given an amazing husband, best friend, ministry/business partner, lover, parent-partner, and encourager. My husband knows me well and tries daily to learn how to keep me happy and emotionally stable. He has taken on a lot through our journey of marriage and we have been hit hard individually and collectively. All the while his love as never stuttered.
My love accepts and caters to my oldest daughter from a previous marriage. You can’t tell him that she is not his own. Through God’s word he gives her counsel and love. He teaches her daily to respect herself. Through his love for me, he teaches her how a man should treat and love a woman. Together we lost a child in a miscarriage and the hit devastated us and I was left inconsolable. He sat up long nights attending to my broken heart and gave me his heart to care for in return. He doesn’t show much emotion but with me he does, and in that moment he allowed me to take care of his raw emotions of loss.
My One & Only, took care of me in my season of sickness. Blessed now with twins after that terrible blow to our family unit, I get to see the joy in his eyes as he looks at our little daughter and son. For three years I struggled with not being able to give him the child he wanted and he dealt with me so gently. Everyday after long hours of work he would remind me of his love for me, and ensured that it would never fade. Like a true knight in shining armor, he caught me every time I fell into doubt and worry. He would say to me, “Babe! Just as God remembered Hannah, so shall he remember you.” He would push my faith to rest in God’s hands. In return we reaped a major blessing, from years of praying diligently. We received a double portion of Yahweh’s love right from this womb the doctors deemed as barren.
As we begin our sixth year of covenant in marriage and I couldn’t ask for more. When nay-sayers knock my dreams, he stands firm in reminding me of my purpose. He protects my heart from the outside world, and pushes me to work a little harder when I want to give up and walk away. Reminds of my beauty when I can’t see it within myself, and he never tries to change me. He accepts me as I am fully. My husband puts no one but God ahead of me. He could only love me the way he does, because of his love for God. It doesn’t get much better than this! I have never experienced a love like this outside of the love of God.
My heart and spirit are challenged to love him better. I need to show him more and more what he means to me. I need to overload his being with the admiration and appreciation that I feel every day. I want him to know that I miss him when we are apart and that I still swoon when he smiles. I need to let him know that I still get chills when he kisses me. I am in love…
I thank God for giving me my biggest supporter here on earth, and the biggest advocate for my cause. We are both works in progress, but we choose to work together. That’s what matters the most. No one, and mean no one; could take his place and purpose in my life. “Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth — For your[b] love is better than wine.” – Song of Solomon 1:2. That’s just how I feel about him.

Author S.D. Johnson

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